Fun on a trampoline

Trampoline Games!
You will or already have heard people saying 
how they have no idea what to do with children 
when they tend to be on a computer most of 
the time and they just can`t do anything 
about it? You may think that getting them 
out, on fresh air is something easy to 
achieve, especially during the summer. 
But, with some children this is not so easy…
That`s where fun trampoline games kick in!

Perhaps children today simply prefer to play 
games that require a lower amount of energy. 
That might mean that they like to play 
computer games, or maybe just sit by TV.

How should we persuade them to go out and 
exercise? Solution? Lead them by example… 
Go out, play with your kid and show them 
what they can do… Everything else will 
come from their imagination. This can be 
an excellent starting point. You could 
consider fun activities such as bouncing 
on a trampoline. Playing games on trampoline 
is not only fun activity, it is full blown 
exercise.Beautiful thing about this that kids 
won`t even know they are working out. For them 
it will be just a perfect play. In the long 
run this should have an impact on body and 
muscle composition and overall health.

Trampoline games are not only a fun way to 
exercise, it is a way to develop coordination, 
body control and movement skills which can lay 
a good foundation for participation in other 
sports. Many gymnasts and acrobats started 
on trampoline, and it gave them good foundation 
to learn controlling body and skills necessary 
for other sports.



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