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Helping children to socialise

All children go through a different phase in social development. Very young child plays alone quite happily, babbling to himself and occasionally sharing a treasure with the parent. If another child wanders onto the scene, he or she is likely to get a bit worried, bossy or threatened... Next is the phase when a child is able to play with one oth...

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Is outdoor play important

The outdoors is the very best place for toddlers to practice and master emerging physical skills. It is in the outdoors that children can fully and freely experience motor skills like running, leaping, and jumping. It is also important to choose appropriate area for play and children can perform other such manipulative skills as pushing a swing, pu...

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Fun on a trampoline

Trampoline Games! You will or already have heard people saying  how they have no idea what to do with children  when they tend to be on a computer most of  the time and they just can`t do anything  about it? You may think that getting them  out, on fresh air is something easy to  achieve, especially during the s...

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Hop a little, jump a little.

Kartwheel is identified one among the  few popular fitness centre for kids in  chennai by The Hindu, Metroplus.  But what makes us unique is the free  play & unstructured activity that allows  the kids energy to flow free both physically  and mentally. No one needs to tell the child  what to do. Each ...

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The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development

The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development. By Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D.  Imaginative play is a vital component  to normal child development. Many people often think of play  in the form of images of young  children at recess engaging in  games of tag, ball, using slides,  swings, and physically explo...

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