Kartwheel - Toys on Wheels

Little minds! Big dreams! Kartwheel presents Toys on Wheels...bringing quality, safe, hygienic, top brand, bigger toys to your doorstep...

Rent toys to play at home, birthday parties, baby shower, play dates, special occasions.

Rental for Parties & special occasions-

Popping eyes! Dropped jaws! Mind going fun-crazy! Wide grins! These are the reactions you will get from your little guest when you host a party with "Kartwheel Toys on Wheels"...

A set of toys from us will make your party a big hit.

It’s going to be a cake walk for you to host a party by just giving us a call..

Choose from wide variety of toys, according to theme and your space. You can order an entire play zone, pick & choose toys and we will set it up for you at the venue - home or banquet hall.

Toys will be delivered & picked up from your door step, be it your home or banquet hall, both outdoor as well as indoor.


What's included:

  • Colourful fences and neat mats to make the area look bright & clean.
  • Toys as per selection
  • Playtime duration of 3 hours
  • Transportation (to & fro)
  • Installation of Play Zone
  • Representative(s) in the Play Zone
  • Deinstallation and re-packaging of Play Zone
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